If you want relevant vacancies sent directly to your inbox, you can create a job agent. Go to the tab 'Find job'. Perform a search that leads to an overview of vacancies that are relevant to you.

There are two ways to create a job agent:

  • Based on keywords
  • Based on vacancies and location
  1. Keyword search

When entering search words, you're automatically shown vacancies where these words are used in. Based on this search, you can create a job agent. Click 'Save job agent' and name your job agent. It's up to you what you call your job agent, as the name is simply used to distinguish it from other job agents you may have.

2. Vacancies and location

You can also create a job agent based on vacancies and location. Go to the tab 'Find job' and click 'More search options'. Here you can see vacancies and locations you can filter by. For instance, you can choose to filter by location to be shown vacancies in that specific location. You can also combine the two and search by both vacancies and location.
When you have ticked off vacancies and locations relevant to you, click 'Show results'.

You are now shown vacancies matching your criteria. 

Note, that you can create a job agent with a segmentation that doesn't contain any vacancies as in future, you'll automatically receive an email when your segmentation is matched.

Click 'Save job agent' and name the job agent.

Go to the tab 'My job agents' to view the job agents you've created.

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