Whether you're at the overview of ads or people, you can perform segmentations to get the desired view.

Click the 'filter'-icon to the right as seen on the image below.

You're now shown various filters that you can use to perform a segmentation.


  • Date of creation
  • Status
  • Job type
  • Location


  • Date of profile creation
  • Sex
  • Status
  • Internship wishes - job types
  • Internship wishes - location
  • Group/Class

When you've selected your parameters, click 'Close' to close the segmentation and see the result, or click 'Save' to save the segmentation as a saved view that you can always find and view.

When selecting the latter, you should give the segmentation a suitable name.
The name is changed in the top left corner.

If you've created a saved view, you can view it by clicking the arrow next to 'People' or 'Ads'. Here, you'll find some default saved views as well as the saved views created specifically by your organisation.

By clicking the 'cogwheel'-icon next to the segmentation, you can adjust the view.

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