When logged in as a consultant, go to the tab 'Ads'. Here, you'll find a round button at the bottom right - Click this button to create an ad.

You're now guided through some steps in the ad creation.

1. First, fill out information about the company. When entering the company name, it might show up as the name could've been created already. In that case, logo and the latest contact person is automatically added.

NOTE: the email entered for the contact person will receive an email with links to editing and deactivation of the ad after the placement. If you're placing the ad for another person, you may enter their email address.
The entered email will NOT be shown in the ad.

2. Fill out ad information. Give your ad a headline, indicate how to apply, deadline etc.
Here, you're asked to fill out job type and location as well. The job type(s) and location(s) you choose determines which users the job agent matches with the ad. Therefore, the municipality and region where the workplace is situated are selected, after which the specific address of the workplace is entered in the textbox below.

3. Insert the ad text. If the format of the ad is a PDF, it can be uploaded.
We recomend that the text or parts of it are copied and inserted as the ad text. This is recommended as users can search for keywords used in the ads.

It is also possible to upload a cover picture in the size: 1000x400px.

4. Finally, you're shown a preview of the ad and then you can approve it and place it. Should there be anything in the ad that you're not satisfied with, you can make changes to it by going through the previous steps.

When your ad has been approved, it is visible for users in the portal.

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